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The wiki about a campaign set in Cormanthor playtesting our own special Hybrid RPG rules, based on Wizards of the Coast's 3.5 d20 system used by Dungeons and Dragons. Now with 247 articles since August 11, 2008.

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This Wiki proudly displays art from fine artists to give the game a visual touch. We have permission from our featured artists to display this art on the wiki, and ask that you respect their work and copyrights. If you have a spare moment, please check out their wiki pages below, visit their websites and support their trade.

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This Wiki showcases some of the content from our personally designed modifications to the d20 3.5 Open Game Content, all released under the Open Game License. Legacies of Cormanthyr is acting as a playtest for these rules and we are constantly updating and working on them. Take a look around if you like!

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What's new on Legacies of Cormanthyr

Aug 26 2008 - We broke 200 articles!
We've now reached 200 articles on this wiki.
Aug 15 2008 - We broke 100 articles!
We've climbed past the 100 article mark with the addition of a whole pile of Open Game Content detailing some of our new Hybrid RPG rules. Check out the Open Game License for more information.
Aug 13 2008 - Todd Lockwood
We've been graciously granted permission to use the art of Todd Lockwood on this wiki. The terms of use can be found on Mr. Lockwood's wiki article, here on this wiki.

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Josidiah Starym
Detail from "Shadow Mountain"
© Todd Lockwood, used by permission.

Josidiah Starym is a gold elven bladesinger from Myth Drannor. Heir to the Starym clan of elves in the former empire of Cormanthyr, he seeks to marry Aravae Irithyl, heir of the Coronal Eltargrim Irithyl, but must prove his honour first by seeking the lost Elfblade, the Warblade. Josidiah is primarily a gold elf and has all the standard features of such, with golden...

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